Jeff Patton

Jeff Patton

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First Name * Jeff
Last Name * Patton
Username * JeffPatton
Country * USA
City Lexington
Languages English


Current Position Freelance CG Illustrator
Current Company Self-Employed


Availability: Freelance
Twitter @JeffPatton3D


I first became interested in 3d graphics in the late 80's from reading articles in magazines about CG. Shortly thereafter, I began exploring various 3d software applications. I cut my teeth on 3D applications like Amorphium, Bryce, and Blender. Eventually, I worked my way towards 3dsmax. I adopted 3dsmax because I found that I enjoyed the workflow that it provided.

During the mid 90's, I had a job installing building automation software (software that controls lighting, heating/air, security, etc.). I began implementing my own custom 3D graphics (floor plans, equipment drawings, etc.) into my installations.

As time passed, I started receiving requests to add my graphics to other sites. Eventually, the requests led me to start freelancing and creating graphics for various automation system software packages.

From there to today: Currently, I am still working as a freelance artist. I'm looking to find employment here in the Carolinas...but since this region of the US isn't exactly a hub for CG, that's proving to be quite difficult!

I've started offering on-site mental ray for 3ds Max training, and that's been fairly successful. I'm exploring options to offer online 'live' training and perhaps even hosting some training classes here in the Columbia SC area.

My CG Education: CG education seems to be a never-ending process for me. I am self-taught when it comes to CG. However, a lot of helpful people on forums like also played a major role in my learning process. Today, I try to pay that courtesy back by being active on various forums and helping this great, tight-knit community however and whenever I can.


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